How to send work proposals


  • Send the work by email to
  • In the subject line of the email put PROPOSAL, Title of Work and Your Name 
  • Include a covering letter with any relevant information about yourself, such as your experience, your ambitions as a writer, or if you’ve been previously published
  • For adult and children's chapter books, attach a synopsis of your work and the first chapter. If it's shorter than 3 chapters, please attach the whole manuscript
  • For picture book proposals, please send the text only 
  • For illustrators: Send samples of your work
  • Please make sure all attached files are clearly labelled with your name and the title of your work
  • We aim to respond to all proposals within 4-6 weeks



Becoming a client


What we do for our clients 

It very much depends on the author; some are in the process of finishing their book and might need advice and help editing it, others are ready to go straight into the publishing world of negotiations! This is the overall summary of what we do for our clients

  • Editorial suggestions
  • Represent the authors at book fairs, community events and in social media
  • Finding suitable marketing channels
  • Organising book launches and or events
  • Support the writer’s careers, as well as individual books or projects
  • Place work with an appropriate publisher, carefully assessing financial terms and marketing commitment
  • Negotiate advances and royalty rates
  • Keep up to date with commercial trends in print and electronic media
  • Explore rights in all media including film, television, stage, multi-media and electronic
  • If suitable, sell translation rights in Europe